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Current and future plans

Current project: "Bitter Night" (Working Title)

ETA: 2021?​

A post-post-apocalyptic dark fantasy story set on an alternate Earth in "modern" times. The keyword for this one is demystification: it's a world where ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and all those other mythical critters that go bump in the night are very much real, everyone knows they're real, and nobody cares. Who you gonna call? The local authorities.


The protagonist works as one such "paranormal investigator" and is tasked with tracking down a rogue vampire who dodged mandatory military service. The investigation takes the protagonist around the Empire, and in the process she discovers that there may be some truth to those end-of-the-world myths they keep hearing about.

First part in a series of dark fantasy books with a subtle scifi twist.

Other plans

"2 Credits:" A loving(?) parody and sendoff to the Hungarian education system that follows the misadventures of a young American man who finds himself studying at a Hungarian university filled with the literal spawn of Hell. He also has a vampire for a roommate.

"Mage Hunter:" An America-centric Seven-Point Star prequel with a different take on the "sixth sense."

"Silence Passed:" A distant What a Time to Be Alice! sequel that keeps to the original's hard scifi roots and deals with humanity's first contact with an alien species who are eerily like us, in both good ways and bad ways. In this story, humans are the technologically advanced alien visitors.

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