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Books by author G. S. Taylor


The Second Novel

Alice C. Ellen’s cybernetic enhancements, finely-tailored genes, and potentially indefinite lifespan make her an altogether average fifteen-year-old in the late 22nd century. Being the next target of the Solar System’s most notorious terrorist organisation is, on the other hand, thankfully rather unusual.

Upon leaving her cramped American megacity for the prestigious Stellar Academy on the Moon, Alice begins to unravel a web of secrets connecting her family, the Academy, and the criminals – and learns a little more about what it means to be human in the process.

‘What a Time to Be Alice!’ blurs the line between artificial and natural in a love letter to science and science fiction, promising a hard sci-fi adventure and an optimistic tale of technology gone right.

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What a Time to Be Alice
Alice Anchor
SPS Anchor
Seven-Point Star by G. S. Taylor


The Debut Novel

They took her magic. Now she has to steal it back.

Born into a France crushed under the German heel, Raina raised herself in the slums of Paris and swore revenge. Now the very people who destroyed her country offer her riches and repentance, while their enemies promise her revenge and a way out. All she has to do is go to the flying city of mages and magnates at the heart of Germany and steal a device that is rumoured to unlock powers divine.

Industry, sorcery, and conspiracy intertwine as Raina comes to realise that the very artefact she is now after has been calling her all her life.

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