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Today, I Am an Author

What a Time to Be Alice! is now available on paperback. Find it here.

I was, to be frank, nervous about posting this blog. This is the first time that any of my works were actually printed; until now they've only ever existed in digital space. While I'm a huge proponent of technology – the existence of Alice! should be proof enough of that – holding a physical copy of my novel in my hand still feels, somehow, more... real? And surreal. Can something be simultaneously real and surreal?

I'm not sure if "real" is the right word. I'm not sure what I'm even feeling right now. I thought I would be overjoyed when I first picked up my own book, actually picked it up, in my ape hands, felt the paper at my fingertips and saw the glossy shine of the cover. I was not overjoyed.

I was happy, of course. I still am. I'm excited, happy, and eager to create more. I want to have a bookshelf filled with my works. Is there a name for that feeling?

Maybe it's best not to waste many words here. The book is out. For real. And more are coming.

Today, I am an author.

I also feel obliged to drop a line for the lovely artist I commissioned for the gorgeous cover design; check out his portfolio here.


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